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"We file 300 divorce applications for our clients every month and represent the largest number of divorvce parties in the Family Court."

300 divorces each month by lawyers

Yip, Tse & Tang Solicitors & Notaries is a Hong Kong law firm. Each year, around 30,000 married couples divorce in Hong Kong. We file over 500 divorce applications for our clients each month at Hong Kong's divorce court (officially called Family Court). We file more than 15% of the cases and are therefore a substantial practitioner in divorce applications.

Our divorce petitioners include local and expatriates, husbands or wives. The divorce proceedings made by us for our clients also include related issues (ancillary relief):

  • child custody
  • child or spouse maintenance and
  • division of matrimonial assets between husband and wives.

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Divorce Grounds

Divorce Grounds

To apply for divorce in Hong Kong's courts, you must be able to prove that you have reasons (or "grounds") for saying that the marriage is at an end.

The term the court uses is "the marriage has irretrievably broken down".

The court will accept one or more of the following grounds as proof, in the simplest terms:

  • adultery
  • bad behaviour
  • separation with or without consent to divorce
  • desertion

Any Children?

If there are children of the family who are under the age of 18, you must include in your petition your proposal as to their custody, maintenance and access. If you wish to apply for ancillary relief such as maintenance, transfer of property, division of matrimonial assets, you should also set out in your petition.

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